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Cattle Pump System
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  • A one person system for pumping quantities of heavy viscosity material with ease into the bovine stomach.
  • Due to its unique design, the probe can be passed easliy into its esophagus only; has an inherent damming action to diminish the chances of regurgitation; and, utilizes the natural extended head and neck position of the bovine for ease of swallowing.
  • The usefulness of this type of cattle pump system for administering sufficient quantities of fluids as indicated by the sheer size of cattle, is unequaled.
  • The internal valve and piston of the pump is unique and simple.
  • The Cattle Pump System is designed and built to last.

Pump setups: (Choose the standard pump system pump set up from the drop down menu please)

J61CPSF  $309.00  CATTLE PUMP SYSTEM with #300 Stainless Steel Flexible Spring Probe                           

                       3' L For Cattle Over 175 lb.   -  3/4" Outside Diameter  

J61500    $165.00  #500 Stainless Steel Flexible Spring Probe 

                      5' L For Large Cattle  -   3/4" Outside Diameter  

 J61175    $125.00  #175 Stainless Steel Flexible Spring Probe

           20" L Non-Flexible Probe for Cattle under 175 Lb.   -  3/8" Outside Diameter


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