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J37JVP0 JUPITER SS Emasculator (No Blade)
Price: $775.00

Detailed Description


The JUPITER large animal emasculator is a highly engineered and precision built all stainless steel surgical instrument. It is designed to perform the gelding operation easily and efficiently. The linkage imparts high pressure to the adjustable jaws which give superior tissue sealing. The emasculator can be operated with only one hand. It will stay shut after closing allowing the cord to be crushed for as long as desired without holding. The emasculator without a cutter blade requires only a scalpel. The emasculator with a cutter blade provides a cutting choice. Cutting may be simultaneous with the handle closure or delayed for later action. The cutting blade is replaceable. All parts are light but built for strength and long life. Weight is approximately two pounds. The unit is easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilizing.

Care and Maintenance

With reasonable care and maintenance, the JUPITER emasculator will last a lifetime. Made entirely of surgical stainless steel, there is no plating to peel or parts to corrode. It is easily disassembled for cleaning. Following use in the field, rinse well.  As soon as practical, take the unit apart. Clean, dry, then reassemble and sterilize. A stainless steel screwdriver is provided.

How to Use

Before applying the emasculator to the cord, set the jaws to the desired closure by turning the adjustment screw located through the slot in the fixed handle. The jaws should be set tight when crushing thin tissue such as the vascular spermatic cord.  Jaw closure should be opened slightly when crushing thicker tissue such as the ductus deferens, common tunic, and cremaster muscle. When crushing the entire cord, jaw setting should be further opened to suit the size of the cord. Position the cord about two-thirds of the distance from the front of the jaws to allow the cord to spread. Snap the handles shut and allow the tissue time to seal. With proper jaw adjustment, a good crush and seal will result without excessive handle pressure. The emasculator will hang without holding. When using the plain emasculator, slide a scalpel along the moveable jaw for cutting. When using the regular emasculator, select the desired cutting action. To crush and cut simultaneously, turn the cutting choice screw to seat the head in the larger slot. For delayed cutting action, back the screw head out of the slot to give the cutting bar freedom of action. Position the cord as noted above, then close the handles and allow time for the tissue to seal. Operate the cutter bar when needed. Remove the emasculator, clean, rinse and dry.

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