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  • These urethane tubes will not stiffen in the cold or soften in the heat.
  • They have the same flexibility from -80* F to +225* F.
  • These transparent easy to pass tubes are very smooth and will last a long time.
  • Lavage ports are standard with cattle tubes and are available in Foal, Small, and XL tubes for $10.00 extra.
  • For $5.00 extra tubes can be built to a custom length.
  • Note: To add Lavage Ports or to have your tube cut to a Custom Length please click on View Details for the product you wish to add these features and select one or both.
  • Stallion Catheter is listed at the end of the products list with a more detailed description.

Tubes O.D. I.D. Length Item#
Mini Horse Tube 1/4"(7mm) 1/8"(8mm) 5 Ft J60M
Foal Horse Tube 3/8"(9mm) 1/4"(7mm) 10 Ft J60F
Yearling Horse Tube 7/16"(11mm) 1/4"(7mm) 12 Ft J60Y
Small Horse Tube 1/2"(12mm) 5/16"(8mm) 12 Ft J60S
Large Horse Tube 9/16"(14mm) 5/16"(8mm) 12 Ft J60L
Extra Large Tube 5/8"(16mm) 3/8"(9mm) 12 Ft J60XL
Cattle Tube 3/4"(19mm) 1/2"(12mm) 10 Ft J60C
Others O.D. I.D. Length Item#
Stallion Catheter 1/4"(7mm) 1/8"(8mm) 5 Ft J60SC
  • You can mark your tubes if you wish with permanent markers as an aid to know when the horse will swallow and how far the tube is in the horse. These are some guidelines for marking the various sized tubes.

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J60M Mini Tube
Price: $55.00
J60M   Mini Tube
J60F Foal Tube
Price: $60.00
J60F   Foal Tube
J60S Small Tube
Price: $70.00
J60S   Small Tube
J60L Large Tube
Price: $75.00
J60L   Large Tube
J60C Cattle Tube
Price: $95.00
J60C   Cattle Tube
J60SC Stallion Catheter
Price: $40.00
J60SC   Stallion Catheter
Rounded End - Square End for Syringe - 5 Ft Long
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